Generate Your Business Idea

Generate Your Business Idea (GYB) is intended for people who would like to start a business, and who, through the training, develop a concrete business idea ready for implementation. GYB course duration is 4 days. Age: 18 to 45.

Start Your Business

Start Your Business (SYB) is for potential entrepreneurs who want to start a business / unit and already have a concrete business idea. The programme is a combination of training, field work and after-training support, and helps participants assess their readiness to start a business and to prepare a business plan and evaluate its viability. SYB course duration is 6 days. Age: 18 to 45.

Improve Your Business

Improve Your Business (IYB) introduces already existing entrepreneurs to good principles of business management. IYB has six modules (marketing, costing, buying and stock control, record keeping, planning for your business, and people and productivity). The duration of the programme is 6 days.